How to make sure your online store is mobile-friendly?

If you offer your products or services in an online store, and you have not thought about customers who use mobile devices and tablets, you do not reach a relevant audience. It is therefore essential that you also customise the site for these users, as this cartridge can pay you a great deal of remuneration.

We can not emphasise more the importance of excellent user experience for customers who make purchases via mobile devices. Websites created on the WordPress platform offer you great themes and plug-ins that are already ready to excite mobile users, but you still need some extra work to take an excellent user experience. In this article, we will show you the benefits of online stores that are friendly and personalised to mobile devices.

Why should the online store be mobile-friendly?

The fact is that today, more users access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop computers. If your web store is not mobile-friendly and is displayed the same way on a desktop computer, it’s very opaque and unfriendly for users. It is very likely that the buyer will not make the purchase and will leave the site and find another one that is adapted for his device. It may also happen that Google is punishing you with a poor view of your website in search engines.

How to make sure that your online store is mobile-friendly?

Test! Simply access your online store through various devices, and you will be best placed in the role of your customer. You can also leave this work to us, and we will take care of excellent user experience.

Mobile-friendly online sales channels

We all know eBay and Amazon. Both online marketers have created their mobile application and also a customised website, so if you offer your products on these two channels, you do not need to worry and waste time for changes and improvements. But beware of the content of your products and adjust it to the display.

Shopify in Woocommerce

There are plenty of ready-made themes that adjust the display according to the size of the device through which the online store is open. Of special importance is the responsiveness of the page where the customer enters his information and confirms the order. Nothing should be left to chance!

If you do not use any of the above, and your web site is not personalized for mobile devices, then we recommend changing topic or reformatting. Here, with our knowledge, we can come to the aid and provide for the satisfaction of the users of your site and store.

There are two options: you can create separate pages that are mobile-friendly (smartphones users are redirected to these pages) or the responsive web pages that are adapted to the devices on which they are open. We advise you to opt for other options, as they are much more useful and practical in the long run, as you can manage and update them simultaneously for all devices, but not separately for mobile devices and desktops.

If you decide to transform the online store, it’s essential to think about the following things:


  • Upload time

If your site takes a lot of time to show the user, customers will give up and leave the page before it is displayed.


  • Use less videos and animations

Users accessing your site through mobile devices use data transfer most often and do not want to download unnecessary videos.


  • Buttons and links

Pay attention to the size of the buttons so that they can be easily clicked. The same applies to connections. Also, check the correct operation and the exact route for which you want the customer to travel.

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