• Year: 2019
  • Product: Webstore
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • Different payments

  • Creative Design

Owners of company Entasa d.o.o. opened a store in the hometown in 2017 that has been delighting its customers from the very beginning. Their offer in the store is very wide, as they offer clothing, footwear, cosmetics, various home textiles, fancy goods, multiple toys, and everything you need for handicrafts.


The company wanted to offer its products to a broader range of users, not just the residents and surroundings where the store is located. As a solution, we offer them to build their own webstore. With webstore they also wanted to increase the number of different items. They need to get a webstore that would allow them to edit products quickly.


We have created a webstore that clearly represents the brand of the company. We have arranged different payment methods and made sure that the webstore is functioning correctly. We also conducted training for self-editing and adding items. The customer is delighted with the finished product, which is an exceptional pride and satisfaction for us.

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