• Year: 2019
  • Product: Website
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • Digital Branding

  • Creative Design

Merilna tehnika Samo Strle s. p. is a company that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of dimensional measurements of a wide variety of products made of aluminum, sheet metal, various alloys and plastic polymers. The company offers complete services, they have its own measuring laboratory, in which they also perform measuring of flexible pieces of soft materials.


There are very few companies in Slovenia engaged in the same activities as Samo Strle s.p. The company cooperates with a number of recognized manufacturing companies that need this information for their working process. In order to increase the brand recognition of Merilna Tehnika, the company decided to create a brand new website.


Because the services of the company are very specific, we were looking for a way to present these services as best way as possible. In collaboration with the client, we have created a website that is responsive for use on different devices. By creating a website, the company has taken a big step ahead of their competition, as it gains recognition among individuals in the target group.
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