• Year: 2019
  • Product: Webstore
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • Different payments

  • Creative Design

PVC Nagode is engaged in the production of PVC and ALU carpentry. The company is following the trends and adjusting to the market demand, so they decided to build a powder paint shop. In 2018, the company completed the construction of a brand new paint shop with a state-of-the-art powder coating line for all types of metals.


The company wanted to enter the market with a unique offer that none of its competitors have. They were considering how to enrich and bring powder painting services closer to customers. They wanted to digitize the entire process of purchasing their services. To find the best solution, they contacted us and together we found the right answer.


In cooperation with the company, we have created a webstore that allows the purchase of powder painting services. You can choose from different materials and colors. With the new digital product, PVC Nagode has gained more visibility for services and consequently, more orders. All this helps to make the company more competitive.
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