• Year: 2020
  • Product: Website
  • User Interface

  • SEO & Marketing

  • User Experience

  • Creative Design

Company PVC Nagode offers many products for which the customer can choose different accessories. There are many providers in the market with similar PVC and ALU carpentry and company wants to stand out. Getting new customers in foreign markets offers the company new opportunities for expansion and development.


The first challenge was how to present such a wide offer to make it transparent, with clear navigation and useful information. We had to find out what differentiates PVC Nagode from other competitors and how to make an excellent website for visitors. Find the right solution to organize and translate the website to make it suitable for visitors coming from other countries. 


Together with the management of PVC Nagode, we divided their products into groups, which were further divided into different sub-groups. We presented all the accessories separately. For a great user experience, we also made sure the correct order was taken so that the user actually walks through the steps, from window profile to blinds. The website is responsive to all kinds of screens.

As the company strives for growth and development, it is expanding to foreign markets as well. We have created multilingual pages to make their offer tailored to all visitors. In doing so, we make sure that the company is also visible outside Slovenia and made it possible to obtain demand from abroad.

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