Maintaining a website

To maintain the reliability and security of your WordPress website, you need to maintain it regularly. For some maintenance, it is updating content or optimising a website for search engines, but in this article, we will focus on support that ensures safety and reliability.

Secure your investment

Do you realise that your vehicle and the content management system have something in common? Both require regular maintenance that ensures smooth operation and safety. You need to change oil and tires in the car and use security patches and security databases in the content management system. The content management system requires maintenance, but the price you can pay without maintenance can be very high for both your business and your users.

A system that is not regularly maintained is more susceptible to intrusion or manipulation and can result in loss of functionality. Divided online maintenance may also be compromised by sensitive information such as user account information. If you have used the resources to create an excellent website, why not make regular updates to ensure a long life?

An excellent maintenance plan includes backups of your site for emergencies, but it must also ensure that all modules, integrations and plug-ins work correctly and securely.

Hackers and bots are always looking for vulnerabilities in obsolete websites to exploit their weaknesses. When damage arises, it is challenging to repair it, especially the reputation. But repair can also be costly.

Consuming thousands of euros for retroactive work to locate intrusion, cleaning the problem, testing, and deployment is not appropriate. After all this, you still need to concentrate on dealing with injury, lawsuits and public relations to minimise media damage and the anger of customers.

Regular maintenance is carried out as an insurance plan against unforeseen problems. Preventive maintenance can save you a lot of money, so do not wait for an accident.

Think about your users

Violations can quickly get out of control. A poorly maintained website can even become a big responsibility, your responsibility. Unnecessary files and data can slow down your site. Spam, like comments, can cause a lot of damage by using valuable resources and influencing search engine rankings. Security errors allow attackers to use your website for fraud, spread malware and trigger further attacks.

If you like it or not, web pages require regular maintenance if you want to prevent the invasion and maintain security. Supporting your site and ensuring that the modules are safe and working properly is smart business.

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